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  • senguntharmatrimony.org is an on-line web portal designed to offer matrimonial services to the general public.
  • By accessing senguntharmatrimony.org web portal you are accepting the Privacy policy of the web portal.
  •  By accessing Senguntharmatrimony.org you acknowledge to the fact that the disclosure of details is voluntary and in accordance with the privacy policy of the web portal.
  • In case of you disagree with the privacy policy of senguntharmatrimony.org you are requested not to proceed further or continue access to the web portal.
  • Due security provisions for credit / Debit card transactions of our users are ensured in our servers, however we do not exercise controls over third party cookies placed by external agencies.
  • The Information required for registration in this web portal includes providing of First name, middle name, last name, date of birth, educational qualification, e-mail address, contact numbers, mailing address, pin code etc.
  • The information/details provided by you will be exclusively used only for matrimonial services and will not be shared with any person or agency, except legal authorities in case of any legal enquiries with regard to registered members.
  • senguntharmatrimony.org may be linked to other web sites which may collect personal data for which the web-portal will not assume any responsibility.
  • Only registered users of senguntharmatrimony.org will have access to details of other registered members to the extent of the desired requirement.
  • General visitors to the senguntharmatrimony.org will not have access to details of registered members and only certain general details will be displayed.
  • senguntharmatrimony.org provides for un-subscribing at any given time without any prior intimation or permission from the web portal management.
  • Registered members of senguntharmatrimony.org will have access to profiles of other registered members to the extent as agreed in our registration/usage policy.  
  • Privacy policy of senguntharmatrimony.org is subject to change without any prior notice and may also be  based on suggestions and comments of users  or compulsion based on specific situation.
  • All grievances with regard to usage of senguntharmatrimony.org web portal should be addressed in writing to the management for re-dressal on all working days (except on Sundays and public holidays) between 9:30am and 5:30 Pm .


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