About Us

This portal is promoted by Shri.A.S.Prabagar, B.E Civil, M.Tech, MBA., son of Shri.Sundaresan Mudaliyar and Smt.Dhanalakshmi Ammal, a practicing Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor running a construction company and a consultancy firm for the last 28 years and has been awarded Honorary Doctorate for Social Services.

This portal is designed for the promotion of the welfare and well being of the Mudaliyar community, and we intend to provide a platform for interaction among the community members at various levels and on various aspects , ranging from matrimonial alliances to co-operation and development of the community as a whole, and upholding the traditional culture & values of the community and mainly to address the disintegration of the community.

The objective of this portal is to integrate and unite the Mudaliyar community and uphold the traditional values of the community , and ensure effective unification of the community in all aspects and promote matrimonial alliances among the Mudaliyar Grooms and Brides across the world. The major objectives are detailed below:

 To Promote unity among the various sub-sects of the Mudaliyar community.
 Classification of the various sub-sects under a unified portal.  

  • Saiva Mudaliyar
  • Saiva Pillai
  • Thuluva Vellalar
  • Isai Vellalar
  • Pillai
  • Poondamalli Mudaliyar
  • Saiva Vellalar  
  • Saliyar
  • Senai Thalaivar
  • Thondai Mandala Saiva Vellalar
  • Vellalar
  • Sengunthar / Kaikolar
  • Agamudaiyar
  • Arcot

 To create a directory of  Mudaliyars residing all over the world based on their classification / Profession.
 To Promote Matrimonial alliances strictly within the Mudaliyar community.
 To promote and popularize the identity of  Mudaliyars.
 To Act as a trusted alliance partner in promotion of matrimonial alliances.
 To setup a Welfare Trust for the overall welfare of the community and help the needy among the community members



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